Sunday, September 26, 2010

King Scott

King Scott is an interesting man. I remember him from mid-grad life as a long-haired, buff gamer who loved meat and Tae-kwon-do. In the intervening years, he's filled up a bit, lost the hair, moved on to mixed martial arts, and aged a little (heck, who hasn't). But, man, anyone who comes to Munich and drinks more than 10 litres of Oktoberfest Bier over 3 days and can still walk straightish deserves my respect. I had a Mass of the Augustiner brew de saison and another Mass of Dunkel and I almost fell asleep on the U-banh home. But, it was fun to catch up. I think I am the more talkative of the two, but Scott begrudged me my verboseness. I get the feeling he has mellowed over the years, but it may be just my memory embellishing things from those heady days. Those days when I worked my PhD on a Sun Ultra-5, and 10 GB of disk-space was a gift from god.

So, now, as I enjoy my Herringfische mit Champignon saus (oh alright, I have the munchies) before bed, I reckon the weekend wasn't all that bad after all. A long walk into the 'forest' east of town during which I discovered the River Isar; curry pasta with chicken; 2 lt of bier and roast suckling pig while Scott and I caught up and got to know the English couple seated next to us  --- could be a worse Sunday. But, tomorrow I work!

Guten nacht.


  1. sounds fantastic - is the beer what you thought it would be?

  2. You should keep a running list of your favorite german beers.

  3. You know, I liked the dunkelweissbier at Augustiner more than the Oktoberfest, to be fair. Oktoberfest brew, while strong, is very light-bodied, probably so that it can be imbibed in large quantities. However, almost all German Hellesbier is very flavorful in comparison to American lagers.